What Careers Are Available Through AAT Level 2?

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting level 2 is now available for first year teaching students. The intention of the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting training is to provide solid grounding in the essential core accounting skills and knowledge required to move on to either further training or to entry-level employment. The foundation course covers a range of topics from the core unit accounting to modules on auditing and data processing. At the end of the foundation training course students will have been provided with an opportunity to choose a specific area of interest to them, and a tailored syllabus to enable them to study effectively. Those wishing to move onto a management or executive management position within an accounting firm will, of course, have already completed their foundation training check these guys out.


In order to apply for this certification students must be in first year teacher training or equivalent employment with a local or national education authority. At the time of application, you must be able to demonstrate that you possess the above minimum competencies listed in your AAT level 2 eligibility criteria. As part of the qualification, students will have to demonstrate that they will be able to undertake independent and practical examinations which will assess their core accounting skills needed. The examination will cover a wide variety of areas from current and direct cash cost management to financial statement analysis. At the end of the examination, successful candidates will receive an AAT Certificate Level 2 endorsement and will be able to enroll for their own certification program.


This is one of three certificates designed to prepare people for AAT exams in respect of finance roles. Students will learn all the relevant skills from the Foundation Certificate in Accountancy Training. They will also have an opportunity to study modules covering the strategic management planning, risk management including resilience and risk assessment and corporate governance including policies, principles and strategies. The next requirement after passing the foundation certificate is the ability to undertake independent and practical examinations. These are undertaken alongside classroom learning where students will have the chance to study and practice different scenarios. Those who successfully complete the exams will receive a Level 2 endorsement which is the foundation for teaching on 1 February 2021.


Aat level 2 will also cover subjects such as the wider range of concepts and processes associated with accounting, which includes risk management, corporate and centre management as well as operational and project management. As a student moves through the grades, you will receive a Level 3 endorsement, enabling you to sit for the examinations which enable you to sit for the CPA exam. This exam will involve a large amount of review of the previous year’s foundation and will test both your core accounting skills and your wider skills. Students will need to show they can demonstrate that they have strong understanding and use of both direct and indirect expenses, profit and loss analysis along with inventory, labour and manufacturing costing and business finance. As a further requirement, students will need to demonstrate that they have a sound understanding of taxation.


Once a candidate has passed their foundation AAT level, they can apply for jobs in a variety of different fields. Careers within the public sector include consultants, auditors, department managers and office managers in a range of different sectors including: healthcare, public bodies, non-profit organisation and government agencies. Careers within the private sector include accountants, financial planners and attorneys. Career opportunities within the public sector include: regional accountants, regional vice-chancellors and cabinet members, department managers, department heads and headhunters. Jobs in the private sector include: investment agents, investment managers, entrepreneurs, personal assistants and financial advisors.


As you can see from the information contained within this article, AAT level 2 is more diverse than many people may think. You will not only be able to progress through the various levels of courses at a fast rate, but you will also have a wide choice of career roles to choose from once you have finished your education. It is important to remember however that not all AAT foundation certificate applicants will necessarily progress through to a job role. If you are unsure whether you will achieve success or if you are not sure if you would like to progress through to a job role, it is advisable to gain more information regarding AAT courses in order to determine your options in the future.